Several hospitals report a ransomware attack


The servers of one of the largest hospital chains in the United States have been hit by ransomware. These are UHS hospitals in California and Florida, among others, where IT systems have been having problems since Sunday morning. This reports Bleeping Computer, which spoke to several hospital employees who had no access to the computer systems.

At least they’re hospitals in the two states of California and Florida. Also in Texas, Arizona and Washington D.C., There seems to be a problem with the systems. It is not yet clear how widespread the ransomware is. UHS has over 400 locations.

In a statement, UHS mentioned that there is a technical malfunction, but no further details are shared about the scale or nature of the problems. The hospital insists that the malfunction has no impact on patients and that no data has been stolen.

From the descriptions of hospital workers, it appears to be Ryuk-ransomware. Looks like the ransomware got into the hospital’s systems through phishing. The hostage software encrypts data, making it inaccessible to users. In some cases of ransomware attacks, data is also transferred to the hackers behind the attack.

It’s not the first time a hospital has been hit by ransomware. Earlier this month, a hospital in Germany was hit by ransomware. There is currently an investigation into the death of a patient who had to be taken to another hospital because of the ransomware attack.

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