Opioid epidemic gets worse: Wisconsin reports 108 percent rise in overdose rate


National epidemic of opioid addiction has been substantially grown, the CDC data shows. Year to year statistic shows 30% increase on nationwide overdose incidents registered at ER. It“s even worse as ER are registering overdosing only at 60% rate and many addicts do not get to ER. CDC has not published data on exact type of drugs involved in the ER episodes.

Wisconsin and Delaware are two states with the Y/Y rise of more than 100%. Delaware has shown 105 percent in overdose emergency responses and Wisconsin has shown national record – 108% growth. Quite interestingly, though, that Kentucky has shown 15% decrease in overdose statistic. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island demonstrated lower emergency room visits on the occasion of opioid overdose.

The rise can be attributed to changes in CDC methodology, however escalation of the problem itself can’t be denied. The epidemic is not only vanishing – it grows year to year.

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