McDonald’s: No More Artificial Preservatives, Flavors and Colors


McDonalds, once a fancy youth meeting point has lost some of its appeal over time. Due to strict media attention Mac was firmly associated with ‘unhealthy food’. Its menu became something like an icon for displaying the dangers of fast food and the American diet. Indeed it is something that company intends to get rid off.

McDonald’s will remove artificial preservatives, flavors and colors from burgers, the company said in a statement on September 26. So far, this rule will only apply to seven out of ten classic burgers: the hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder, etc. In total, there are more than ten of them in the McDonald’s menu.

This innovation does not come without controversies and doubts. There is no common definition of what can be called ‘artificial’. Food industry tends to proclaim that some substances are artificial they do not occur in nature. Salt, sugar, glutamate, vinegar and hundreds of what common public will consider ‘artificial’ are in fact natural.

Moreover, the public itself is responsible for the prevalence of the food additives. People will consider the food tasteless until glutamate added etc.

The problem ingredients, the composition of which had to be adjusted, were cheese, buns and sauce, the report said. However, the company notes that salted cucumbers will continue to be prepared using an artificial preservative.

The company is trying to change its image to a healthier one, to stop the decline in sales in its main market – in the US, explains The Wall Street Journal.

McDonald’s does not disclose how much it spent on improving the menu, but Kempczinski promises that it will pay off.

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