Ireland Sets Skinny Dip Record for Charity


Over two thousand and five hundred naked women of different ages staged bathing on the sea beach in Ireland as part of a charity campaign to combat children’s cancer, and smashed the world record, according to Irish Examiner.

2,505 participants of the annual event called Strip&Dip spent at least five minutes in the sea at a temperature of only 12 degrees Celsius on a secluded beach in the Irish county of Wicklow.

The organisers of the charity event set a new Guinness record for the most massive nude dip in the world. The previous was recorded in Australian Perth in 2015, when 786 people entered the water simultaneously.

The Strip and Dip has been an annual charity fixture since it was started by Dublin cancer survivor Deirdre Featherstone in 2013, just weeks after her own mastectomy.

Participants of Strip and Dip were women who somehow affected by oncological diseases. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the Irish charity organization to combat childhood cancer. According to the latest information, the organizers managed to collect more than € 315,000, pretty close to the €400,000 target.

In May 2018, most Irish residents supported the legalization of abortions in a referendum.

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