After “Disease X” comes the “Nightmare Bacteria”

I strongly suppose that somebody with a strong taste for “B” movies has gained control in CDC and WHO. We’ve published an article about the mysterious “Disease X” and the rationale behind associated artificial hype. CDC has followed the path of UN WHO with similar fear-mongering about “Nightmare Bacteria”. What is this this “Creature from Black Lagoon” and what is the science behind it?

“Nightmare Bacteria” is a meme forced by CDC. It is coined to raise awareness of medical society on multiple-resistive strains of very well known pathogens. Most commonly observed “Nightmare Bacteria” is the golden staphylococcus. Some other exists too: there are strains of tuberculosis and gonorrhea with proven multiple resistance towards commonly used antibiotics.

Is “Nightmare Bacteria” really a Nightmare?What CDC recommends

CDC measures are concentrating around rapid identification and spread prevention. I am not in the authority to criticize the CDC scientists, however MR strains are not the ones that causes epidemic. Instead, a flawed practice of excessive use of antiseptic and antibiotics will generate more and more favorable conditions for MRs to survive outside the medical institutions. Perhaps in his love with “B” movies somebody has crossed the line separating effective PR and really boring scientific work aimed to prevention of the forming the MR strains.


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