Wisconsin unemployment at record low


The state’s unemployment rate in January 2018 is at record low 3,1%, state Department of Workforce Development reported. It was 1999 when the unemployment was at 3%. All other years have shown much bigger figures. The unemployment rate is down 0.4% from last year January and 1% from January 2016.

State Department of Workforce Development secretary Ray Allen said on the occasion:

Wisconsin workers are benefitting from a strong labor market, demonstrated by our record low unemployment rate for the month of January, and a new all-time high for number of individuals employed in the state of Wisconsin.

Seasonally adjusted total of unemployed is 96,678. It is lowest figure since February 2000. The further lowering of the unemployment rate, however, meets with difficulties. Private industry can’t find enough qualified workforce to fill all jobs available. Some level of unemployment will obviously remain and perhaps 3% is the best rate we can hope for.

Job gains led by durable goods manufacturing, wholesale trade and construction.

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