Where Have You Gone, Frau Merkel?


Throughout previous years the paparazzi have managed to take pictures of Angela Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer vacationing in the Alps. This year, however, the chancellor of Germany has gone off the radars, as Sauer was seen vacationing with his son from a previous marriage.

The German Bild has put forward a number of explanations, of where Merkel has gone. She may be visiting relatives in East Germany, or maybe is on a “secret mission.” “Where is the chancellor hiding?” – says the headline of the popular German newspaper. “Is she in a summer residence or with her 90-year-old mother in Uckermark?” Is her marriage is in crisis? Is she in the hospital? On a secret mission? Bild is guessing.

Last month, in response to journalists’ questions about vacation plans, Merkel said she was looking forward to the holiday but did not elaborate, referring to confidentiality. A spokesman for the Federal Chancellery of the Federal Republic of Germany declined to comment.

Angela Merkel and her husband have been married for 20 years. The last time they were seen together was on July 25 at the Bayreuth festival in Bavaria. Chemistry professor Joachim Sower rarely appears on public with the most influential woman in Europe, but he traditionally spends summer vacation with his wife in the Alps (South Tyrol).

Bild recalls that Merkel, who runs the German government since 2005, had hard times this year. She nearly lost the ruling coalition because of the conflict with CSU in the issue of immigration. In addition, right-wing radicals from the “Alternative for Germany” passed to the parliament.

Der Spiegel magazine joked that Merkel is maybe sending a hint to the voters of the “Alternative for Germany” that she is in fact indispensable: “Maybe she tries to show those who like the slogan Merkel Must Go! what Germany would look like without Merkel.”

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