Venezuelan Maduro Wins Presidential Race


The CEC of Venezuela on Monday announced that incumbent President Nicholas Maduro won the election. The opposition accused the authorities of numerous violations

Reuters cited the CEC as saying that the incumbent Venezuelan chief, Nicholas Maduro, garnered 68% of the vote, well ahead of his closest rival, ex-governor of Lara Henri Falcon, who scored three times less.

At the same time, the CEC confirmed a low turnout. Just over 46% of citizens came to polling stations. For comparison: in 2013, 80% of voters took part in the ballot.

The news of Maduro’s re-election aroused his supporters in Caracas, where hundreds of people staged a dance near the presidential palace.

The opposition, a part of which boycotted the elections, stated that the ballot was accompanied with massive violations. Maduro’s opponents accused him, in particular, of intimidating people. Voters in poor neighbourhoods have been warned that they could be deprived of benefits in case of low turnout.

Meanwhile, a number of countries said they would not recognize the election results. Among them are the USA, Argentina, and Chile. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, in particular, pointed out that Washington’s goal is to combat the corruption regime.

Previous presidential elections were held in Venezuela in 2013, after the death of President Hugo Chavez. Even then, the country was experiencing economic difficulties, which only aggravated after the fall in oil prices in 2014. The country sees thousands of anti-government demonstrations, accompanied by riots and clashes with the law enforcers .

The opposition forces won the elections to the parliament of 2015. However, despite all attempts to announce impeachment to the president to achieve a change of power and policy, Maduro stayed in power – largely thanks to the support of the Supreme Court.

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