SpaceX Ready to Launch Weapons for Pentagon


As space is increasingly commercialized with more and more private corporations are entering the race the question of cooperation with military arose. Military contracts are lucrative business and private companies will not hesitate to serve the state interests in the space.

The American space startup SpaceX will put offensive weapons into orbit for the US government if it asks for it, the corporation’s CEO Gwynne Shotwell said as quoted by Defense One.

Currently, the US Department of Defense is developing new technologies that would allow monitoring of Russian and North Korean missiles, as well as exploring the possibility of creating a directional orbital weapon, such as space lasers and beam weapons designed to destroy missiles in flight.

The Deputy Minister of Defense for Research and Engineering, Gen, Michael Griffin, said that he would like by 2023 to create in space a network of interceptors to counter hypersonic weapons of Russia and China.

Earlier in August, Griffin was skeptical about the capabilities of Russia’s hypersonic weapons. The general called the American army “dominant in all areas” and pointed to its “undoubted, unconditional ability to respond to any threat.” Griffin refused to consider Moscow and Beijing “friends” as they, he said, are working on weapons for the destruction of the United States.

Head of the strategic command of the US Armed Forces, John Hayten last December said that Russia and China are working on hypersonic weapons potentially capable of hitting American satellites. He stressed that the United States can not allow Moscow and Beijing to challenge America and its allies.

“The only real way to see these things coming is from space…This is not a technology challenge; this is a policy-decision-making challenge,” he said.

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