Israeli Air Force Hit Over 100 Militant Objects in Response to Gaza Strip Shelling


From Wednesday evening to Thursday morning, August 8-9, at least 80 rockets were fired from Gaza on Israeli territory, the IDF press service reported. According to local reporters, Gaza militants released over a hundred rockets. Hamas announced the launch of 150 missiles.

The missile defense system “Iron Dome” reacted to 25 launches, intercepting 14 missiles, the military reported. Most of the missiles fell on undeveloped terrain.

Several missiles, however, hit homes in Sderot and the local council of Hof Ashkelon. Three people were injured. A foreign worker was seriously injured in the Eshkol district. Two men were injured in medium gravity as a rocket hit a house in Sderot.

Approximately ten citizens needed medical help to recover from a state of nervous shock. Two pregnant women in Sderot had premature contractions because of the shock experienced.

In response, the Air Force of the IDF attacked more than 140 objects of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks on Israeli territory since Wednesday evening. A communique by the army press-service said that the Air Force planes hit over 100 Hamas strategic military targets. The hit objects, the military said, included the Hamas headquarters in Jabalia, including dozens of military facilities; a military complex, which included an offensive naval tunnel, the location of the Hamas battalions, warehouses with weapons and ammunition, etc..

The exchange of blows complicates the work on a long-term peace agreement, which is mediated by Egypt and the UN. According to media reports, last week they unveiled a draft document to both sides of the conflict, which presupposes, at the first stage, the cessation of Palestinian attacks in exchange for easing the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

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