Billionaire Jack Ma Mulls Future after Alibaba


China’s richest man Jack Ma plans to engage in teaching and charity after completing his work in the online retailer Alibaba.

Ma told Bloomberg TV that he devotes more and more time and resources to philanthropy and intends to follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates and organize a fund that will finance educational projects. “There are many things that I could learn from Bill Gates. I can never be as rich, but one thing I can do better is get out of business earlier, “said Jack Ma.

Prior to the founding of Alibaba in 1999, Jack Ma worked as a teacher of English. In 2013, he resigned as executive director of the company, but still is her face. “I think that one day, and soon, I will return to teaching. This is something that I can do better than being CEO of Alibaba,” the agency quotes the mogul’s words.

He declined to say whether his resignation can happen this year. He also did not answer the question whether he would transfer his own funds to a trust fund, as other billionaires did. ” You’ll know very soon. I’ve prepared a Jack Ma Foundation. All these things that I’ve been preparing for 10 years, “said the tech billionaire.

Ma said that residents of China and the United States are united by love and respect for people.

“This is a common language that we have. The first technological revolution led to the First World War, the second – to the Second World War, now we have a third revolution. What is going to happen? It should be a war against poverty, disease, etc.,” he believes.

Jack Ma was born in Hangzhou in 1964, founded as a trading platform for companies in 1998. The initial capital of the project was $ 60 thousand, which was collected by 18 co-founders. Now the market value of Alibaba exceeds $ 400 billion. In 2014 the company held the world’s greatest IPO. Jack Ma’s net worth in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index is estimated at $ 39.6 billion, which makes the businessman the richest resident of China and the 19th richest in the world.

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