ZTE Not To Get Off Scot-Free


The House of Representatives Commission on US Budget Appropriations approved a bipartisan amendment to the law imposing sanctions on China’s phone-maker giant ZTE. That’s despite the proposal of Trump’s administration statements in defense of the Chinese firm.

The amendment is intended to “prevent a company owned by a foreign government and ignoring the embargo, to infiltrate gadgets and networks that have become irreplaceable, into the life of Americans.”

“They’re widely suspected of spying on the U.S. government,” said Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.).

Last week Trump said, much to ZTE relief, that he was in talks with the head of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping to try and help saving Chinese jobs by asking the Commerce Department to relax penalties imposed on ZTE and put the company “back in business”.

Last month, the US authorities banned ZTE from buying US technology products for seven years, as well as limited sales of ZTE smartphones and network equipment in the country. The US accused ZTE of exporting products with American components to Iran and North Korea.

This move of the US Department of Commerce resulted in the most unpleasant consequences for ZTE. In early May, ZTE officially announced the suspension of major operations due to US sanctions.

ZTE lost the opportunity to use American processors Qualcomm Snapdragon and the Android platform with Google services. However, ZTE still has the right to use “free and open” Android without Google branded applications .

Most ZTE smartphones are currently built on Qualcomm processors. Although the firms also buys the processors of the Taiwanese MediaTek, they are not powerful enough for flagship models.

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