Wisconsin wants Minnesota millenials back


According to the data provided by Internal Revenue Service Minnesota wins over Wisconsin: while 7,360 households left Wisconsin for Minnesota only 6,318 left Minnesota for Wisconsin. This tendency is observable through the years. In struggling to keep Wisconsin economy high and to maintain a record low unemployment Gov. Walker is attempting to induce an interstate migration to Wisconsin. The state is low on human resources, it’s population is aging and the inflow is low. An ad campaign was started in Chicago to promote moving to Wisconsin appealing to the potential migrants with lower prices and calmer pace of life. Now the campaign is focusing on the Minnessotans.

The central point of the advertisement campaign in Chicago is lower housing and general prices in Wisconsin. The main outlet of the campaign, has a number of tools to demonstrate it to the potential newcomers. Generally campaign is financed at a level of $6,8 millions and the results are too early to present.

Gov. Scott Walker suggested millennials in the Twin Cities and Detroit could be the target audience for the next campaign. Minnesota, is a more natural target.

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