US Military Won’t Use Geolocation Apps, Fitness Trackers


The US Department of Defense banned US servicemen from using applications with built-in geolocation function due to the risk to employees and operations around the world.

The Pentagon will study threats from the use of this function by the military both in the service and outside it.

Geolocation can reveal personal information, location of bases, routines, as well as the number of military and can potentially create unintended security risks and increase the risk for combined forces and missions, the Defense Ministry stressed in a memo.

It is allowed to use geolocation on gadgets, if it is vital for the operation, but only after a risk assessment by the command big-wigs.

The Pentagon also said that in the 30-day period, the Deputy Defense Minister for Intelligence, together with the Director of Information Technology of the Ministry, should prepare a memorandum for the command to make decisions about the risk of using devices with geolocation capacity.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that data on US military bases appeared on the interactive map of the Global Heat Maps sports application for Strava smartphones. It shows the activity of users of popular fitness devices. In particular, it featured the movements of the US military in Iraq, Syria and other war zones.

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