UK farmers demand free inflow of seasonal EU workforce


United Kingdom farmers rely on incoming seasonal workforce to deal with the labor intensive crops. As they get the majority of the seasonal workers from poor countries of the European Union farmers demanded that government will ensure that there will be no restriction on the movement and employment of EU workers on the farms.

The National Farmers’ Union signed a manifesto adressing potential chain disruption after the Brexit. Cheap labor from the abroad is important for the British agriculture to survive, NFU underline. NFU is one of the hundred organization in the agriculture, farming and food supply that signed the manifesto.

British government reassured the farmers that it understands their concerns and no shortage of the seasonal workers will be experienced:

We have been clear that up until December 2020, employers in the agricultural and food processing sectors will be free to recruit EU citizens to fill vacancies and those arriving to work will be able to stay in the UK afterwards.

We are determined to get the best deal for the UK in our EU negotiations, not least for our world-leading food and farming industry which is a key part of our economic success.

Britain’s own population is not interested in farming work and thus Britain depends on the workforce from the Eastern and Southern Europe to deal with seasonal spikes of labor demand.

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