Uber Hits Brake on Self-driving Trucks


Uber’s taxi service put on hold the development of self-driving trucks, Techcrunch reported with a reference to an e-mailed statement of the company. The statement also indicated that Uber Advanced Technologies Group will instead focus on developing technologies for self-driving passenger cars.

Uber’s employees who have been involved in the manufacture of self-driving trucks in San Francisco will be offered relocation to Pittsburgh, where the team dedicated to self-driving car is situated. 

In March, Uber was forced to suspend the testing of self-driving vehicles after a fatal accident in Tempe, Arizona. Recently, the company resumed testing of self-driving technologies on a car platform, but under the control of specialists.

Uber acquired in 2016 the manufacture of self-driving trucks together with Otto start-up, a co-founder of which was Anthony Lewandowski, an engineer of Waymo of Alphabet holding. In a lawsuit that followed, Waymo accused Lewandowski of stealing fourteen thousand confidential files when moving over to Uber. 

Initially, Waymo sought a $ 1.86 billion compensation and a ban on Uber’s use the technologies related to self-driving technology. In early 2018, the companies reached an extrajudicial agreement. According to Bloomberg, Uber paid Waymo $ 245 million for the termination of the case and fired Lewandowski.

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