Twitter to Lock Out Fake Musks


Twitter will automatically block unverified accounts whose owners change the account’s display name to names like to Elon Musk. The reason is spammer activity from such accounts: pretending to be the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, chat bots try to convince people to send a crypto-currency to specified addresses.

In a recent scam campaign, the fans of Musk were offered on his behalf to send 0.2 tokens in exchange for whole two tokens. Musk in a comment noted the sophistication of scammers.

“By continuing to fight spam and fraudulent activity on our service, we are testing new measures to deal with accounts using terms commonly found in spam activity. We are constantly updating the algorithms for detecting such activity,” Twitter told The Verge.

A locked account is pretty easy to unlock, according to The Next Web, provided the scammer gives a his real phone number and pass a CAPTCHA test to regain access. TNB criticized the method as rather primitive but hailed Twitter’s effort to protect the most gullible users.
In March, Twitter announced plans to reduce the number of crypto scams on its platform, saying it was implementing “a number of signals to prevent these types of accounts from engaging with others in a deceptive manner.”

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