Twitter leak: a security breach or just a smearing campaign?

Twitter has been charged with a hack that captured the data of more than 200 million users. According to the man who filed the complaint with the San Francisco court on Friday, the hackers were able to penetrate Twitter’s systems through a programming error in the software that applications use to communicate with each other.

The hackers obtained, among other things, Email addresses, phone numbers and usernames between 2021 and 2022. The data of the complainant would also have been stolen, who has filed a so-called ‘class action’ lawsuit in which other victims can also join.

Twitter denies that the company was hacked and that there is a programming error. The data, which was offered at the beginning of January on a hacker website, would have been collected through other channels.

The complainant is demanding damages from Twitter and an independent investigation into the security of the messaging service’s systems. How much compensation he wants is not known.

Twitter has also been the subject of a European privacy investigation since december last year, after personal data of some 5.4 million users was leaked.

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