Turkey Dropped Out of List of Largest US Public Debt Holders


Turkey in June reduced its investments in the US public debt to $ 28.8 billion against $ 32.6 billion in May, according to the US Treasury. Ankara dropped out of the list of the 31st largest holders of US treasury securities.

Leader in the list for June remained China: its investments in the US government debt are estimated at $ 1.18 trillion. In second place Japan – $ 1.03 trillion. The third largest holder of the US national debt is Brazil – $ 300.1 billion.

Russia left this list in May, when it reduced its investments in US government bonds from $ 48.7 billion to $ 14.9 billion. In June, Russia’s investments in US treasury securities did not change over May.

In August, the US doubled duties on Turkish steel and aluminum to 50 and 20%, respectively. Ankara responded by raising tariffs for American cars, alcohol and tobacco. Turkish President Recep Erdogan also proposed to boycott American electronics.

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