The unexpected drop in employment puzzled analysts


In the United States, 123,000 jobs were lost in December. This is reflected in the monthly job report of ADP employee. This puts a strain on the recovery of the US labor market that was launched after the crash of the crisis.

In November, 304,000 jobs were created in American industry. The drop in the last month of 2020 is unexpected. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg press agency assumed, on average, an increase in the number of jobs in the private sector of 75,000.

It is the first job losses since April, when almost 20 million jobs were lost following the proclamation of lockdowns against the pandemic. In the following months, companies created millions of new jobs again, but after September that recovery slowed.

In December, the spread of infection in the United States was rapidly increasing again, with time and time again day records of coronary heart disease. Measures to combat this new wave have been strengthened, which is reflected above all in the huge loss of jobs in retailers and in the leisure and catering sectors.

ADP’s figures anticipate the monthly job report that the U.S. government publishes on Friday. This study also takes into account developments in the public sector in the United States.

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