The One World Trade Center generates losses and memories


The One World Trade Center office building in New York, built next to the site of the so-called Twin Towers that were destroyed on 9/11, is still a loss-making building. With a price tag of $ 3.8 billion, it is also the most expensive skyscraper in the United States.

The day after the commemoration of 9/11, on Saturday exactly twenty years ago, the NYT newspaper uses a portrait of One World Trade Center. The building still costs the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey more than revenue is generated each year. In 2020, the deficit was $7 million.

Tenants initially did not queue to move into the One World Trade Center. According to a spokesperson for the Port Authority, many companies were reluctant about the location. The name Freedom Tower, originally conceived for the building, also had, according to many, too great an emotional and political charge.

Today, 90 percent of the total available 3.1 million square meters of office space has been rented out. This puts One World Trade Center on the same level as many other large office buildings in the Manhattan District.

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