Spotify to launch the IPO, looking for listing on New York Stock Exchange


Spotify, one of the earliest music streaming services is looking for an IPO. The initial public offering of shares may raise as much as $1 billion in investment money. The IPO will be held as soon as the talks with major prospective investors will be finalized. There is information that IPO can be held in April or March.

Spotify is backed by solid 71 millions of premium subscribers. It’s estimated value is $16,8B to $22,5B. The company is highly profitable. Spotify has earned more than $4B in 2017. The main source of income for the Sweden-based company is subscription fee which is $9,99. The main competitors are Apple and Amazon, but Spotify’s premium user base is at least twice the Apple’s.

It should be noted that the potential listing of Spotify shares comes to the not fully corrected red-hot stock market. It bears some prolonged risks. If the company will manage to overcome them it will send a good signal for the market in general.

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