Sergey Brin: Beware of AI’s Dark Side


The annual Google’s Founders’ Letter, authored by Sergey Brin, was devoted to the technology of artificial intelligence, and new questions and responsibilities that come with it, Wired reports. 

In the latest letter, which Google has been issuing annually since its IPO in 2004, Brin stated that he considers one of the most significant events in his life is the participation in the creation of artificial intelligence, which will be used in areas as diverse as medicine and automotive industry, Brin says.

The company’s founder jokingly suggested that someday the chips that Google creates will allow accelerating computers to the number of googol (100 zeros after 1) that is used in the name of the company.

However, he admitted that with all the positive moments, the advancement of artificial intelligence has its downsides. Such powerful tools also bring with them new questions and responsibilities,” Brin said. Although the AI technology is bound to change the nature of many modern professions, it can be used to manipulate people, he warned.

Safety concerns range “from sci-fi style sentience to the more near-term questions such as validating the performance of self-driving cars,” Brin wrote.

However, the letter of co-founder of Google ends on a brighter note.

“I expect machine learning technology to continue to evolve rapidly and for [the holding company for Google] Alphabet to continue to be a leader — in both the technological and ethical evolution of the field”.

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