Production of the Ford’s most successful truck stopped short on parts


Fire at the Meridian Magnesium Products plant which supplies Ford with radiator support has led to shortage of vital parts for Ford F-150. Other car brands are also affected, however only Ford has halted the production of it’s most successful truck – the legendary F-150.

Meridian Magnesium Products, owned by the Chinese Wanfeng Auto Holdings is the only supplier in North America that has the ability to supply this product at the volume Ford requires. Die-cast magnesium alloy part is lightweight and complicated part. Meridian Magnesium Products plant is located at Eaton Rapids, Michigan. The fire broke at May 2. Disastrous effects of this fire was also affected the production of Fiat Chrysler and Mercedes.

The radiator support is complicated and in some ways unique part. It makes no sense for car makers to manufacture it by themselves. They rely on third party manufacturers specialized in creating such parts. The date of relaunching of the Meridian Magnesium plant is still unknown. Ford F-150 is iconic product and extremely popular one. In 2017 900,000 pickups were sold. The average price of F-150 is $46,000.

Image of Ford F-150 courtesy of Ford.

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