Polish airline ordered two 737 MAX, the first from 2019


For the first time in months Boeing has received another order for troubled 737 MAX. The Polish charter company Enter Air has ordered two aircraft of the type with an option for two aircraft more. The last time Boeing received an order for the 737 MAX was in 2019.

Enter Air already had several of these aircraft in its fleet. According to the statement, the company also settled the ‘commercial consequences’ it has suffered from the maintenance of the grounded MAX aircraft. The compensation will be provided in a ‘number of forms and spread over a given period’. Boeing refuses to be more specific.

The aircraft of this type have been grounded for more than a year after two crashes, with a total of 346 deaths. Problems with the operating system played a decisive role in the crash, but they would have been solved by now. Aviation Authority AA seems finally convinced of Boeing’s efforts to remedy the technical shortcomings of the aircraft. Earlier this month a long list of requirements was released that the 737 MAX must meet in order to be allowed back in the air. That is an important step towards allowing the aircraft to fly again.

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