New York Lost Lead in Tycoon Ranking


New York last year lost to Hong Kong the first place in the list of cities by the number of people wort at least $ 30 million, according the report of the company Wealth-X.

Over the past year, the number of multimillionaires in Hong Kong has grown by 31% to 10,010 people. In the meantime, New York with 8,865 people showed the smallest increase in the number of rich people among the top 10 cities – 7%.

The Wealth-X list includes four more American cities – Los Angeles (5,250 people), Chicago (3,255 people), San Francisco (2,820 people) and Washington (2,735 people).

The list included two Japanese cities – Tokyo (3rd place with 6,785 people) and Osaka (10th place, 2,730 people), as well as Paris (5th place, 3,950 people) and London (6th place, 3,830 people).

Among the countries with the largest number of multimillionaires, the USA ranks first with almost 80,000 people with a minimum of $ 30 million. The second and third places were taken by Japan and China with 17,915 and 16,875 multimillionaires, respectively. The latter showed a 32.8% growth of wealth the previous year.

According Wealth-X, the number of multimillionaires in the world in 2017 increased by 12.9% to 255,810. Their overall wealth for the year increased by 16.3% to $ 31.5 trillion. The number of wealthy women exceeded 35,000, their share in the rating reached 13.7%.

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