Netflix PR Chief Sacked for Hysterics and N-word


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings let go Jonathan Friedland, chief communications officer after he on at least two occasions used the N-word, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Jonathan Fridland has worked for the streaming giant for seven years and at timed cracked a racial joke at a meeting with employees. One of the staffers reported the incident to the top management. During the ensuing meeting with the Netflix Human Resources Department Mr. Friedland used the N-word once again.

“The first incident was several months ago in a PR meeting about sensitive words. Several people afterwards told him how inappropriate and hurtful his use of the N-word was, and Jonathan apologized. […] 

The second incident, which I only heard about this week, was a few days after the first incident; this time Jonathan said the N-word again to two of our Black employees in HR who were trying to help him deal with the original offense. The second incident confirmed a deep lack of understanding, and convinced me to let Jonathan go now,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a corporate email.

In his farewell statement Friedland said he was feeling awful.

“Unfortunately I fell short of that standard when I was insensitive in speaking to my team about words that offend in comedy,” he admitted.

On June 21, Intel announced the resignation of Brian Krzhanich, 58, and his departure from the board of directors over the latter’s romance with one of his employees, which is strictly forbidden by Intel’s corporate etiquette.

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