Money Laundering Network: Sergii Nosenko and Russian Organized Crime in the United States

While the U.S. government is investing billions of dollars in anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine, individuals from Ukraine involved in money laundering are finding refuge in the United States.

Our team obtained data that exposes new schemes of Ukrainian oligarchs connected to Russian organized crime and criminals of war, who are establishing channels for the laundering of dirty money from Ukraine to the United States using offshore companies.

One of the participants in the schemes involving dozens of such companies is a Ukrainian citizen, Sergii Nosenko.

In the public sphere, he was seen as a technical candidate in the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election.

In the business world, he positions himself as an investment banker and the head of International Investment Partners, a company engaged in the business of raw materials, base metals and infrastructure for the markets of North, South America and Asia.

But all of this is just a cover for Sergii Nosenko’s illegal activities. The main income is in the shadows, as it comes from laundering the dirty money of Ukrainian and even Russian oligarchs. And the central figure served by Nosenko’s companies is Ihor Kolomoyskyi, a persona non grata in the United States.

This process of money laundering and legalization is an illegal business involving dozens of companies. The main links in Nosenko’s money laundering are IIP New York (registered to him) and Gatewood Capital (1) (registered to his daughter Daria Nosenko (2)). According to our editorial staff, these companies have long been associated with oligarch Kolomoyskyi. They are the ones used to conduct dirty financial transactions and to implement illegal investment schemes through AlphaGen Group, which is the holding company of the Cayman offshore fund Capella Securities, managed by Hemal Gala, Avi Kvitel and James Verdone. Evidence of the influence of oligarch Kolomoyskyi’s business, which is under US sanctions, is the presence of Optima management project in this chain. Through the Cyprus-based Sparotin Ltd, it is connected to Optima International of Miami. This business has a direct connection through its beneficial owner (3), a Ukrainian citizen Sergii Nosenko. In addition, he is a beneficiary of Smile Assistance Ltd GB(4), IIP Holdings US, Novitra Ltd (5/6), Darista Ltd (7). Through their directors: Akmenkalne Erika, Yana Remeniuk, Eliezer Danziger and others, Nosenko participated in money laundering operations conducted on behalf of companies affiliated with Ihor Kolomoyskyi in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

Most of these companies registered their transactions through the Kyiv notary office of Anna Kartashova (8), who is again closely associated with Kolomoyskyi. The schemes also involve people who are directly or indirectly associated with the oligarch – Denys Balashov (Sparotin Ltd, VS Entertainment (Vega-Star) and Oleksiy Oleynikov (Inventures Investment Group). Interestingly, most of the transactions were conducted through PravexBank, owned by the former mayor of Kyiv, Leonid Chernovetsky, with decisions made by the organization’s then-head, Taras Kyrychenko, who is directly related to the InVentures company, which was part of the PulseCapital investment fraud scheme and has strong relations with Vega Star.

All of these companies were part of Kolomoyskyi’s scheme to acquire XXI Century Investments Public Limited through Ovaro Holding Ltd after illegally transferring funds from PrivatBank to the United States.

All these schemes and companies are connected through Sergii Nosenko. His companies are responsible for hundreds of money laundering operations, including the illegal sale of Ukranaftoburinnya, which is currently one of the largest companies in the Ukrainian gas production market. It should be noted that Nosenko does not shy away from serving Russian oligarchs.

A striking example is Zaur Gekkiyev, a native of Kabardino-Balkaria, who, after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, found himself under sanctions pressure.

But this is not a problem when you can use Sergii Nosenko, who lives in New York and provides a wide shadowy assistance. Thus, a fraudster has been operating for years, laundering dirty corrupt money from Ukraine and Russia into the US financial system.

For several years, the FBI has been investigating Ihor Kolomoyskyi and his accomplices involved in laundering dirty money in the United States. The schemes and dubious companies of Ukrainian citizen Sergii Nosenko are no exception.

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