Mikhail Kiyko-Magomedov brothers link to be probed on a course to implement sanctions against United Grain Company (OZK)


Russia has demonstrated significant progress in reconquering the world market share of grains. Russian Federation has managed to acquire the leading positions in exporting wheat and corn to the Middle East and Asia markets traditionally dominated by the US and EU. However the grain market felt under control of criminals and ex-officers of KGB. United Grain Company, the Russian grain market tycoon, seems not to be an exclusion: being semi-state company it is controlled by the «Summa» group owned by the Magomedov brothers and the Russian state, whose interests are presented by the ex-general of Federal Security Service (former KGB) Mikhail Kiyko.

The corrupt link between Magomedov’s management and Mikhail Kiyko was reported by the multiple accounts. Widely known to the local press, the exposed link is about to turn the official investigation. Could it be proved it will be a ground for inclusion of United Grain Company in a forthcoming lists to be sanctioned by the US.

The «Summa» group of companies and it’s owners are under investigation by the Russian authorities. Both brothers – Magomed Magomedov and Ziawuddin Magomedov are under arrest. The bail was declined and they are imprisoned. It is told that they collaborate with investigators while denying any wrongdoing on a personal level.

Mikhail Kiyko was appointed to the company as a state supervisor in 2017. There is at least several reports pointing out that he has conspired with the Magomedov brothers to conceal the profit and launder it through sophisticated international scheme, landing at the offshore accounts.

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