Musk: Tesla Got Into ‘Logistics Hell’


Tesla is an unique automotive company not in the terms of its product. Electrical vehicles are known for a long time, in fact they are even older than the gas-powered cars. The uniqueness of Tesla is its revolutionary sales model. Unlike any other manufacturer Tesla sells their cars directly to the customers violating century-old traditions of American market. No wonder it takes some risks as any logistic problem is attributed to the brand itself and not the car dealership.

The electric-car maker Tesla is facing logistical troubles that could affect the financial results of the company as the company is getting the vehicles to customers, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk complained in his Twitter.

He did not elaborate on how many expecting delivery.

Earlier, Musk has warned customers that the delivery time of cars could increase due to a significant increase in their supply in North America. In August, Tesla reported that it could not meet the production target of 10,000 Model 3 sedans a week before next year and plans to manufacture up to 55,000 cars of this model in the third quarter.

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