Google In for Another Huge Fine From EU


The European Commission on Wednesday may announce a decision in an antitrust case against Google, this time over the dominance of its Android operating system for mobile gadgets.

The media say that just a year ago, the EC imposed on Google a record fine of 2.4 billion euros for the abuse of position in the search engine market.

People familiar with the matter say that the amount of the new penalty may exceed last year’s record, as the case of Android is much broader.

It is noted that the decision on Android is the most important in the top three antitrust cases against Google, which holds a dominant position in the mobile applications market. About 90% of applications downloaded to Android-based devices in Europe are via the Google Play Store.

EU regulatory authorities have said that Google is undermining the market by forcing or inciting manufacturers of smartphones to pre-install Google products on devices, such as Google Search, Play Store and Chrome browser.

Google’s Play Store accounts for more than 90 per cent of apps downloaded.

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