Foxconn will not scale down Wisconsin facility


Foxconn has refuted the Nikkei Asian Review report that the Wisconsin plant, one of the most ambitious poster child of the state economy will be downscaled to produce only minor products: small-size displays for car automation and smartphones. The Nikkei Asian Review stated that the company is looking to reduce initial production investment.

The Foxconn reaction was denial:

That report is inaccurate and is not based on any facts.. Foxconn can categorically state that our commitment to create 13,000 jobs and to invest $10 billion to build our state-of-the-art Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park in Wisconsin remains unchanged.

This statement does not oblige Foxconn to keep their plans intact, however it raises hope that the state will host a Foxconn complex of the preliminary announced site. The real investment and the production assortment of the plant will be determined by the market situation, however.

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