Fed and entertained: Twitter to replace Monsanto in S&P 500


Monsanto, an American agrochemistry giant has revolutionized the way farmers managed the crops. Although there is a lot of romantic people who are against the modern system of agriculture, which was formed with Monsanto help. But it can’t be denied: the food supply was changed forever after Monsanto introduced their genetically modified crops, herbicides and pesticides. It shaped the new agriculture – agriculture based on the machines and skilled workforce instead of army of peasants.

In a historical perspective it freed a wast amounts of people from the hard labor. The excess of free time is what endangers our society. The humankind never was so free from the worries about what to eat tomorrow. The majority of the World population needs to be entertained to stabilize the society and prevent the negative currents.

Twitter is all about entertainment. I am too lazy to check, but it was unprofitable from the beginning and the management was searching for the ways to monetize its popularity. However its profit for society is already there: it is one of the mighty time-consumers, along with the Big F and Google/Youtube.

It is sign of time that Monsanto is replaced by the entertainment company. Once fed they need to be entertained – just like in Ancient Rome.

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