European Parliament to Grill Zuckerberg Live


The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on May 22 will testify in the European Parliament at the hearing about the leakage of personal data of users of social networks. The testimony that is slated to last for about 90 minutes will be streamed live, the chairman of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani reported on Twitter on Tuesday. 

Tajani said he and Zuckerberg have discussed the possibility of online broadcasting after the previous plans to hold the meeting behind closed doors sparked fierce criticism from other MEPs and general public. He said the questioning will be last from 18:15 to 19:30 local time (12:20).

751 members of European parliament (MEPs) represent the 28 EU member states.

“The European tradition on privacy is stronger than that in the US, particularly in relation to corporate invasions of privacy, which from a European perspective the US seems to have been notably soft over in the last few decades,” Paul Bernal, senior lecturer in IT and media law at the University of East Anglia told CNN.

“Some members of the European Parliament are far more expert in the field than those in Washington,” he added.

In March, a scandal broke out around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica firm, who collaborated with the presidential campaign of US President Donald Trump. It turned out that the company used personal data of almost 90 million Facebook users for targeting political advertising. 

Mark Zuckerberg has testified in the US Senate and apologized for the information leakage.

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