EU Slams Levies on Levi’s


The tariffs that the European Union has slammed on certain goods from the United States on the night of Friday, June 22, came into force. 

The EU reacted to the decision of US President Donald Trump to impose duties on steel and aluminum from Europe, Canada and Mexico. American duties entered into force on the night of June 1 and amounted to 25 percent for steel products and 10 percent for aluminum. They affect goods imported from Europe for a total of 6.4 bn euro.

The European Union’s return duties cover a number of goods from the United States, including steel, whiskey, peanut butter, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and Levi’s jeans. Their total amount is 2.8 billion euro.

European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström on Thursday, June 21, stressed the EU’s readiness to resolve the trade conflict. 

“We are always open to dialogue with the United States,” Malmström said as quoted by DW. She warned that a trade war could bring down the entire global economy. 

Earlier, Malmström explained that the EU did not want to impose these duties, but US actions forced him to this measure. Trump, in turn, threatened that if the Europeans retaliate, then Washington would slam new levies on the products of the European automotive industry and car parts.

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