Ethiopian Airlines should not accept a Boeing settlement


Ethiopian Airlines should not accept a settlement proposal from aircraft maker Boeing in the aftermath of the disaster with the aircraft 737 MAX in 2019. According to US lawyers, the airline should sue the aircraft manufacturer and thereby enforce precise compensation.

The disaster of flight ET302 killed 157 people. In a message to Ethiopian Airlines’ CEO Tewolde Breimariam, the lawyers claim that Boeing’s offer was ‘gross’ short of what the company could receive in compensation. Especially since Boeing has accepted responsibility for fraud in the certification of the aircraft by regulatory authorities.

According to the lawyers, the settlement offered by Boeing is ‘only a fraction’ of the actual damage. Accepting the settlement would, according to the letter writers, be a huge political and financial mistake for company. The exact amounts were not mentioned.

Ethiopian Airlines, like a lot of branch companies, is desperate for money. Before the disaster, it was one of Africa’s largest and most successful airlines. But the crash of flight ET302 and the ground-up of the 737 MAX aircraft caused a considerable turnover for the company. Revenue became even more under pressure last year when the COVID crisis shut down air traffic for the most part.

The aircraft crashed shortly after leaving Addis Ababa airport. The plane was on its way to Kenya.

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