Elon refuses to change workstyle


Tesla founder Elon Elon is not ready to change the management style of the company. He stated this on Twitter in response to an open letter from Uber’s board member, Thrive Global’s project manager for prosperity in business without stress, Arianna Huffington, who is known as the “sleep evangelist.”

“Ford and Tesla are the only US car companies that have escaped bankruptcy. I just got home from the factory. You believe that this [change in management style] is a possible approach. This is not so,” Elon wrote August 19, two days after the appearance of the open letter.

Huffington published her letter in response to an Elon’s interview with The New York Times, in which he told that he works for 120 hours a week, sometimes he does not leave the factory for 3-4 days. He spent his entire 47th birthday at work: “All night – no friends, nothing.” The founder of the anti-stress management method criticized this approach to doing business as “wildly outdated”, unscientific and terribly inefficient way of using human energy “It just will not work,” she said.

“The future of Tesla depends on you coming up with your masterpiece,” Huffington warned.

“No business leader hired people who came to work drunk, so do not model this behavior for their employees,” she urges. Huffington cites the history of the Lend-Lease program at a cost of $ 50 bn. Franklin Roosevelt did not sit in his office 120 hours a week, but made a 10-day tour on the yacht. His trip aroused criticism, but “he needed time and space to refuel,” Huffington interprets.

After the release of the interview, Elon Tesla shares dropped 8.9%, Bloomberg agency noted. Director of the Center for Corporate Governance John L. Weinberg at the University of Delaware Charles Elson pointed to a crisis of confidence in the Elon and called on the board of directors to consider changing the managing director.

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