Audi CEO Jailed in Germany


The prosecutor’s office of Munich, Germany, reported the detention of the chief of the car concern Audi Rupert Stadler. The top manager is in pre-trial detention, the department said on Monday, June 18. The investigation fears that the person involved in the diesel scandal case, while at large, will seek to interfere with the investigation, the statement reads.

The prosecutor’s office suspects that Audi, among other things, sold diesel cars equipped with software that cheats emission tests. The representative of the main concern VW, which includes Audi, confirmed the fact of the arrest of Stadler, who headed the company since 2007. He pointed to the ongoing investigation and stressed that the presumption of innocence still applies to the top manager.

Last week, police searched Stadler’s residence and office on suspicions related to diesel scandal. On 11 June prosecutor’s office reported that the head of the group has been involved in the case as a defendant since 30 May. The search was also conducted in the apartment of an unnamed Audi CEO. As in the case of Stadler, he faces the charges of fraud and forgery. The investigation believes that both persons involved in the case had to do with the sale to European consumers of diesel cars with distorted data on the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases.

The number of defendants in the case opened by the Munich prosecutor’s office against the Audi concern hit 20 people. Last week, the Federal Office for Road Transport announced the official recall of 60 thousand models A6 and A7 due the cheating software. In April 2017, searches were held in the main office of Audi. Then it was about the diesel engines that Audi delivered to the Porsche concern.
The diesel scandal broke out in late 2015 as a result of investigations initiated by US authorities. Concern Volkswagen was forced to admit that 11 million cars sold worldwide with software that made it possible to manipulate tests for compliance of engines with environmental standards. In fact, the pollution by exhaust gases of VW diesel cars was 40 times higher than the permissible standards. The scandal caused a massive recall of the company’s products from the market to eliminate technical falsifications.

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